Dedicated Server Hosting

Digital Housing’s services extend beyond the usual online service provider. Our long history of designing and engineering online solutions gives us a unique ability to advise and assist our customers with their engineering and deployment goals.

Our clients utilize our knowelege and expertise to help them evaluate their project scope and objectives. Once defined we often assist in the evaluation and selection of a suitable development partner that has the ability to deliver their project on-time and on-budget. Clients often call upon us to facilitate the project deployment and provide day-to-day operations and scheduled maintenance.

Consulting Services

There are many consultants in the market place providing a variety of services having various levels of skill. How to you evaluate which consultant is right for you? If a consultant's level of knowlege is only slightly greater than the client is this sufficient to provide project guidance?

How can project scope be propertly evaluated or development candidates appropriately selected if the analysis is not being provided by an organization with superior knowlege and capability?

The Digital Housing consulting staff, having over 25+ years of consulting experience in online markets, believe that we must have greater understanding and knowlege than the parties that require the project and posess greater expertise than the developer selected to deliver the project.

Engineering Services

How do you evaluate engineering capacity and ability? Can a non-programmer evaluate the level of ability of a developer or the code set that will be delivered to a client? Can you tell the difference between well architected structured code or code thrown together to complete a project for the least amount of time and cost?

Digital Housing can provide engineering services for specific projects at client request, in whole or in part. Digital Housing can also provide engineering project management for a project specific engineering project. Digital Housing provides engineering expertise from web applications to kernel level operating system drivers. Contact us for more information.

Data Warehousing Services

A number of our customers use Digital Housing to provide data warehousing services for their online backup and storage of corporate data. We provide secure connections between your local office and our data center for your data storage needs, whether a few gigabytes to terabytes. Contact us for more information. because they reaffirm our desired business culture by remaining with us year after

Special Telecommunications, Data or Application Services

Have a custom data aquisition application requring a private line? Need a secure encrypted messaging or email system? Need Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Internet egress or non-egress for specia data feed to a hosted application? We can provide a number of telecommunciation solutions for application or data capture. Call us today with your requirments.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can EMAIL Supportor call us at 626.737.9608.
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