Hosting Solutions

Digital Housing’s email hosting plans provide a reliable and easy to use solution for sending or receiving personal or business email from your own domain name. We provide a full POP3/SMTP service with the additional protection of an anti-spam filtering system.

Simply configure Microsoft Outlook, or your favorite email client of choice, with your account settings and you are ready to go. Additionally, our web-based email interface enables you to keep in touch while you are out and about wherever you have internet access.

If you are looking for an email service that can boost productivity and collaboration, allowing you to share documents and information with your co-workers, then why not take a look at our Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint services.

Hosted Email Plans
  Email Professional Plan Email Enterprise
No of  Mailboxes  5 10

The maximum number of individual mailboxes available under this plan.
Storage per mailbox  250MB 500MB

All email is virus checked and spam filtered.
Traffic per Month 1.5GB 3GB

Data transfer is measured in gigabytes (GB) for email traffic.
Cost per Month N/A  N/A

Payments may also be made yearly, see cost below
Typical Cost per Year $ 30 $ 45

 Signup for an account today by contacting sales directly at (626) 737-9608 /

Further Information

We offer a range of hosted email solutions, including but not limited to private and secure email systems, call us with your requirements directly on (626) 737-9608 /

Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can EMAIL Supportor call us at 626.737.9608.
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