Dedicated Server Hosting

Enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated server without the substantial costs associated with purchasing and setting it up yourself. Lease the hardware and software from Digital Housing and save money while you increase security.

If your website has a high level of traffic and you need greater resources and more processing power at your fingertips, a dedicated server could be the choice for you. As it is solely for your own use, optimum performance is assured – there is no competing for bandwidth or resources with other people’s websites.


Digital Housing customers can opt for either a managed or an unmanaged dedicated server solution, with either Linux or Windows operating systems available. Our dedicated servers also offer virtualisation options.

Unmanaged: A lower-cost solution suitable for users with technical knowledge and experience, unmanaged dedicated servers allow direct access to and full control over the operating system and applications that run on it.

Managed: If IT is not your particular area of expertise, you can leave the administration of your server in the capable hands of our team of experts, allowing you greater freedom to concentrate on your business objectives.


Cheaper, easier and quicker than investing in and setting up your own physical server, leasing a dedicated server from Digital Housing gives you the advantages of colocation along with ultimate flexibility and control over your IT environment.

Offering redundant Internet connectivity, all dedicated servers are housed in our highly secure, state of the art data centre and are constantly monitored by qualified technicians.


As a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS), Digital Housing specialises in looking after all of your business IT requirements. With a range of hosting options and round the clock technical support available, we can provide the right dedicated server solution for you.

Further Information

We offer a range of dedicated server hosting solutions ranging from single processor machines to load balanced server clusters. If you would like to discuss a particularly custom set up, please contact sales directly on (818) 737-9608 /

Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can EMAIL Supportor call us at 626.737.9608.
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