Support Services

In addition to a N+1 service environment and architecture, Digital Housing provides numerous client-accessable tools and provisioning systems that assist and facilitate customer host deployments and management 24x7x365.

Clients rely upon best-in-class tools for deployment and mangement of their online content, email and backup storage services. Shared and managed hosting services that Digital Housing offers have one or more web based control panels that assist clients with the daily use and administration of the service.

What Web Based Control Panel Do I Use?

In order to provide control panel technology with the best set of features for a target hosting environment, Digital Housing uses control panel products best suited for the host operating system environment, rather than utilizing a single control panel product for the convience of operation.

Windows Hosts:

  • HELM Control Panel - Windows Server 2003 Server and below - http://webadmin.digitalhousing.net

  • WebsitePanel Control Panel - Windows Server 2003 Server R2 and above - http://wsp-portal.digitalhousing.net

Linux Hosts:

  • Virtualmin Control Panel - https://lx46.digitalhousing.net

Step-By-Step Tutorials

We provide a series of step-by-step how to tutorials to help our customers learn to use our account mangement support tools . This allows our customers to better manage their web assets and services and make changes and adjusments when needed.

  • HELM Control Panel - User Tutorials

  • HELM Control Panel - Reseller Tutorials

Online Support Desk

Our online helpdesk is probably the best way to get support from one of our staff, when you submit a support ticket it can be answered by any one of our support team allowing us to answer your question as quickly as possible! We can also get the best member of staff to answer your query, whether it be a technical question for one of our programmers, or somebody to answer questions about billing.

  • Submit a support ticket now

Further Information

Please contact us for any support requirements you have. Along with our standard support we provide clinet directed managed services for many of customers. Please contact our sales department directly on (818) 737-9608 / sales@digitalhousing.net.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can EMAIL Supportor call us at 626.737.9608.
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